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Fixing Backlight Photos Using Photoshop Shadow/Highlight Tool

Fixing Backlight Photos Using Photoshop Shadow/Highlight Tool
How to fix a backlit photo -the light source is behind the object not in front of it- easily using Photoshop Shadow/Highlight Tool. The one you wanted to photo looks like a silhouette? Find out how to fix thisin no time!

Here is an example of a backlight photo:
adjust_backlight_01 (18K)
Now, let's start.
  1. Press (Ctrl+J) to duplicate the background layer so you can delete the new layer and start all over again if anything goes wrong.
  2. With the new layer selected, click Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlight...
    adjust_backlight_02 (31K)
  3. The default settings of the Photoshop Shadow/Highlight tool will make the image look better but you can play with settings to get much better results. The shadows sliders will affect only the shadows in the image while the highlights sliders will only affect the highlights areas which makes the Shadow/Highlight tool perfect for this setuation.
    adjust_backlight_03 (35K)
adjust_backlight_01 (18K)
adjust_backlight_04 (23K)
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