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Shape Your Text in Photoshop

Shape Your Text in Photoshop
Have you ever wanted to shape your text in any desired shape? This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to accomplish that in easy steps. You can shape your site name in your logo, shape your lovers name in aheart... etc.
  1. Click File > New and start a new image in Photoshop.
  2. Click "Create a new layer" from the layers window and fill this new layer with the desired background color.
  3. Select the "Horizontal Type Tool" (T), select the font type and font size that you like and type the desired word or words repeatedly. You can type a line then copy it (Ctrl+C), press Enter and paste (Ctrl+V) this line repeatedly.
    shape_text_01 (24K)
  4. Select the "Custom Shape Tool" (U) and choose any shape you like from the top tool bar. If you want to see all the available shapes then click the right arrow in the shapes window and choose All (follow the red arrows).
    shape_text_02 (23K)
  5. Draw the selected shape over the typed text. Notice we are using the shape only to make a selection so you can use your logo or any other shape that you like.
    shape_text_03 (29K)
  6. Select the text layer and click Layer > Rasterize > Layer.
  7. Press Ctrl and click the shape layer to select the shape, press (Shift+Ctrl+I) to inverse the selection.
  8. Make sure that the text layer is selected and press Del.
  9. Press (Ctrl+D) to remove selection and delete the shape layer.

Shaped text:

shape_text_04 (9K)
shape_text_05 (11K)
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