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Miniature Models

Miniature Models Tutorial
In this tutorial, we will show you how you can take a normal picture and make it look like the objects are from a miniature model. This also called a tilt shift effect. In this course we will be using tools that we have learned from previous tutorials, such as layer masking or the gradient tool.
Submitted: 2010-05-17 07:00:35
Rating: 2.1/5 (12 Votes)
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Mobile App Layout

Mobile App Layout Tutorial
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Pop-up Css Navigation Pt.2

Pop-up Css Navigation Pt.2 Tutorial
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Vanishing Your Perspective

Vanishing Your Perspective Tutorial
Whenever you want to add an object to an image, you usually run into perspective problems. With the Vanishing Point filter, you can tell Photoshop what a correct perspective is for that specific photograph. Once defined, you can than add images, text, etc. to the image and it will automatically give you the correct perspective.
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Pop-up Css Navigation Pt.1

Pop-up Css Navigation Pt.1 Tutorial
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Create Quickly Interesting Effects With Combination Ctrl+alt+~ in Phot

Create Quickly Interesting Effects With Combination Ctrl+alt+~ in Phot Tutorial
Combination Ctrl+Alt+~ is to create selection by choosing bright color areas on the picture automatically. Now we will do examples to see how useful is it to shorten steps in our work.
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